Suffolk University Introduces a PhD in Economics


Students who complete the PhD in Economics program at Suffolk University not only master the theory of competitive advantage; they apply it to their own career. Designed for both mid-career professionals and recent graduates, the program provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to move to the top in legislative offices, regulatory agencies, law firms, consulting firms, think tanks, judicial agencies, financial institutions and international economic organizations. The program offers a convenient downtown location and flexible scheduling for full- or part-time study -- ideal for the working professional.

The PhD in Economics allows students to choose one of two specialized concentrations: Economic Policy or International Economics. The Economic Policy focus is ideal for students who work in, or aspire to work in treasury departments, central banks, legislative staffs, regulatory agencies, law, consulting and public relations firms, think tanks, and judicial agencies. The International Economics focus is designed for students who want to work in the fields of international economics and
finance. It enables students to understand the complex global economy, to design innovative market instruments and to help formulate economic policy in government or leading international economic institutions.

In keeping with its other programs, Suffolk's PhD in Economics emphasizes real world applications. Economics Department Chairman, Dr. David G. Tuerck says, "The applied focus of our program gives our students an advantage in the workplace. They are equipped with the tools and hands-on experience to put economic theories to work on the job immediately. This distinctive focus enables our students not only to seek academic positions, but also to compete for top business and government jobs".

"PhD candidates will find the program conforms to the same rigorous standards and applied focus for which our programs are recognized," said Tuerck. With the introduction of this PhD in Economics, Suffolk rounds out the offerings of the Economics Department, which already has degrees at the Masters level in Economic Policy and International Economics.

The new program, which will begin in the fall semester of 2003, is currently accepting applications through March 28, 2003.

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