Suffolk Community Collaborates on Centennial Theater Piece


In honor of Suffolk’s centennial, Associate Professor Wesley Savick and the Theatre Department will create an original work for the stage, titled Centennial: about a hundred years.

The ensemble piece will explore questions related to the passage of time and invite people within the Suffolk community to come together and celebrate this special moment in the school’s history.

Savick and others in the Theatre Department will look to current faculty, administrators, students, and alumni to supply much of the content for Centennial: about a hundred years,  asking questions, such as: How does an institution remember itself? Why do we choose to share an institutional identity, and what does it mean when we do? When we celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a Centennial … what exactly are we celebrating? 

Savick and the cast will then develop a theatrical response to these findings through an exploratory rehearsal process that finally will lead to a production.

“The goal of the project is to bring everyone together at Suffolk and use theater performance as a venue to share ideas, feelings, and responses to this Centennial year,” said Savick.  “Everyone has different views, memories and experiences of what Suffolk means to them and we hope to convey those diverse and heartfelt responses in our production to celebrate the University’s first 100 years.”

Savick, the author or co-author of 14 original plays and one opera, has directed regionally, nationally and in Japan.

Centennial: about a hundred years will run March 1-4, 2007, in the C. Walsh Theatre.

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